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Drew suffered severe head trauma during his high school football game on Friday October 4, 2013. He was admitted to Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn, Illinois immediately following the incident undergoing emergency surgery to extract a portion of his skull to relieve pressure. For updates on Drew’s recovery and to leave words of encouragement, please visit and Like the Drew Williams Recovery page on Facebook.

The site you are currently on is to help relieve Drew and his family of some of the financial burden by raising funds to help with medical bills, expenses related to staying with Drew at the hospital, and overall expenses for Drew’s care. 

If you are able, please spread the word and donate. No donation is too small - every little bit helps!


Hey guys, I want to get this out there for one of my friends and coworkers. Drew is his little brother’s friend, and they went to school together. Now, he’s laying in a hospital in a coma. Luckily he’s stable, but he’s gone through pneumonia, fever, and low blood pressure.

I know not everyone has the ability to help by donating, but if you do have a spare dollar, please do! If you can’t, at least share this so it gets around. 

((Hey guys!! Ghirahim’s Harem is still not running, but the above comment is my regular account, and it would be really appreciated if you could reblog this link, and REALLY SUPER appreciated if you are able to donate at all. It would be awesome and amazing if you could!!))

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Firstly, there was one submission for the Valentine’s Day contest, which will be posted shortly following this message.

I haven’t been around much, but when there is little to no activity on this page, there isn’t really much of a reason for me to update it as much as I said I would. If it’s because I haven’t updated as much, I’m sorry, but there was no way to judge how many people cared when no one said or did anything.

Which brings me to sadly say, I am no longer going to be updating this page. Tada did this last year, and I must do it as well. Obviously, since Skyward Sword has now been out for awhile, the allure and fun of Ghirahim’s character has died down to the point where it’s not much of interest or entertainment.

But I will also follow suit to what Tada did, and open up the adminship to anyone who may wish to continue with this dying page. Send a message to the page and I will get in touch with you via my personal blog, meggpie5575. Hopefully, someone can bring back this page and make it thrive once more, but it obviously was not meant to be myself.

Thank you for sticking with Ghirahim’s Harem, though, and hopefully someone will be able to take over well enough to have it work.

Asker dreamimel Asks:
HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY, GHIRA-BUTT~ <3 I am going to go celebrate by eating chocolate truffles and drinking 100% straight proof Vodka mixed with Hard Apple Cider! I am probably going to die by drinking this shit, BUT DAMN IT I'M SINGLE AND I DON'T CARE. Talk 2 U l8r bby <3333 *wink* ((Note to the Mod, I'm not actually going to drink, I'm underage. Just in case you were worried or something. all of the drunken ramblings have been fake, but knew this, I bet.))
ghirahims-harem ghirahims-harem Said:

Hard Cider is delicious!!! Make sure to eat a good meal before hand and you won’t die. Be careful, and behave yourself. Being single isn’t a bad thing, you get discounted candy tomorrow!!

((yeah i knew it was fake. lol… and no worries, i’m actually underage too but i have had alcohol without parent consent, but i live where it’s illegal, but common nonetheless. besides, i do it responsibly, moreso than some of age. :| ))

Asker Anonymous Asks:
((A large golden eagle approaches Ghirahim and delivers a large bouquet of white and scarlet roses and a box of chocolates. In the flowers is a letter written in scarlet ink, most of it is poetry extolling his many virtues and immense beauty. Below the poem there is a side note that reads "To quote a certain play, if kisses could be sent in writing, you would read this letter with your lips." It is merely signed "Someone who cannot contain her love for you. Happy Valentine's Day, my Lord."))
ghirahims-harem ghirahims-harem Said:

Well well, what’s this? A poem, flowers, chocolates?! What a wonderful gift! I wish whomever sent these to have a wonderful Valentine’s Day, herself. ;)

Oh, of course. Pure, much like your lovely self, dar- *claps hand over her mouth* *coughs* Er, my Lord. ((Oh really? I wasn't active much here when she was Admin.))
ghirahims-harem ghirahims-harem Said:

Heh, I heard that. ;)

((yep. i was weird and asked what kind of flower he would be, so i’m keeping white rose for continuity))

Ooh, I see. I personally adore coconut. I like toffee too <3 Not a fan of dark or white chocolate though. And I adore almonds, pecans, and macadamia nuts <3 Seems many of our tastes are different though. On a different note, I remember you mentioning you like roses, but what colour? The traditional scarlet, maybe? ((I like going to confectioneries too, but probably considerably less than you seeing as I have an aversion to going out in public, lol.))
ghirahims-harem ghirahims-harem Said:

Actually, white roses are my preferred color. It’s been awhile since that question has arisen, hasn’t it? Nevertheless, white roses, for their purity.


<3 Well I do take pride in my loyalty. <3 And I have a few odd questions for you, do you like chocolate and what is your favourite kind? Also, do you like chocolate by itself or do you like it with nuts or some sort of filling inside? Just curious. ((Torenn, you are terrible at being inconspicuous! Also, thank goodness my entry's all right! I've been worrying about it ^^; ))
ghirahims-harem ghirahims-harem Said:

Goodness… Well, I’m not very particular. Dark chocolate is very good, it’s also a tad more healthy than the other types. I don’t mind what kind of chocolate. As long as there is no coconut inside. I don’t care much for cordials, the chocolate covered cherries, but I very much like raspberry filling. Or caramel. Or that mousse like filling, like a 3Muskateer’s bar. Almonds, too. Good for the brain. I’d have to say my top favorite of all time would be some nice truffles. Irish Creme filling is very good, as is cookies and cream.

((chocolate conissiour (spellcheck won’t help me fix it) who loves going to the local confectionery and looks at the truffles there and drools….. i love love love love love chocolate :D ))

((Whoops, that was a misfire! Sorry folks!))

It was rather boring without you here, actually. But then, perhaps I'm a bit too clingy. ((by the way I DID submit my contest entry a few days ago, right? Was it too long?))
ghirahims-harem ghirahims-harem Said:

That’s quite alright, it feels as if no one else ever comes around to say hi, so if one person is a bit clingy then it’s not even noticed.

((just finished reading it actually. perfect length, and nothing too raunchy ;D))

Asker Anonymous Asks:
A little baby elephant stumbles into your askbox, holding a small letter in his mouth. He hands the note to you, "I love you. You are a wonderful, lovely person." Pass it on to the first ten people on your dash anonymously.
ghirahims-harem ghirahims-harem Said:

What an adorable little creature!! You should go home, though, little buddy. Take care!!

((will do this via follower’s page instead of dashboard))

You're back! I missed you so much! *hugs* ((lol Torenn has separation anxiety))
ghirahims-harem ghirahims-harem Said:

*hugs back* Well, I’m sorry I was gone!

((gah when are my roommates getting internet at the house, that’s basically why I can’t be online. :/ ))

Ah, the season of love. The day when all the little lovebirds float among the clouds, holding hands and being together. A day when loved ones can share their intimacy with each other.

But, it is also a day where those who are single may feel very left out, and not receive a single card.

To remedy this, I have requested the admin to open the submissions box and let the love flow!!


Ghirahim’s Valentine’s Date

Submit a descriptive story detailing your perfect date with me, Demon Lord Ghirahim, by February 8th, 2013. I will select 3 dates to post around February 14th. Each story will have an illustration, while one of the three stories will have multiple drawings inserted! (This may delay the posting of the story.)

But don’t fret! Everyone who submits a story will receive something; a Valentine’s Day card from yours truly! You must have your submissions box open to receive this card! I will send these cards out by February 14th.

To Enter:

*Submit your perfect date story to the submissions box by Feb. 8th.


*Give your story a title!!

*Keep it PG-13.

*Story length should not exceed 3 pages (longer stories could be disqualified due to time constraints).


*Winning stories may be edited slightly for spelling or grammar mistakes. Stories with rampant errors may be disqualified.

*All entries, regardless of consideration in the contest, will still receive a Valentine’s Day card.

*If you don’t want to write out a story, but would like a card anyways, you can send an ask and get a card as well.


((Technology sucks. Laptop wasn’t working for awhile, tablet won’t work with tumblr, and then my drawing tablet won’t work with my laptop anymore either.

I suck. I started classes again and they took over my life because hey, I’m actually cracking down on my studies!! Way to go me! But I totally left you guys hanging.

But I will make up for it! My new roommate has an amazing tablet that I can borrow, and will let me use her computer too! So I have a bit of a contest idea that I’ll post up in a bit, so please be patient!!

Otherwise, things are good. Thanks for sticking with me!!))

((lol is he amused or annoyed?)) Sorry... m'lord... *calms down with great difficulty and stands back up, not looking at him* So, er... er... how've you been lately...?
ghirahims-harem ghirahims-harem Said:

I’ve been fine. Not much is really going on.

((probably amused, but i don’t even remember what we were doing!!))